What is Digital Identity? and How Can It Affect your brand’s image?

Are your actions online tarnishing your brands image in reality? Have you tried looking up your own company on google?

In today’s world, the amount and quality of content that you put out greatly impacts your online presence. Social media in particular is one of the vital channels for attracting customers and leads as it allows them to further understand your company.

Your online presence can leave lasting impressions on customers so you need to be aware. When a customer looks up your company or products, what is the first thing they see? your online presence is your digital identity.

Today, your online presence is your Digital Identity

What is digital identity? How can it be measured?

Digital identity in simple terms is a measure of the impact of your online presence (as a company, person, organization, etc.) on the internet and this presence includes many aspects including:

  • The ranking of your company website on google which can be measured through specialized sites along with comparing your ranking against your competitors. Does your website appear on the first page? The high it appears, the stronger your digital influence and identity is.
  • Presence on social media and your interactions with customers through social media.
  • Organic Search, The number of visitors to your website through direct searches in comparison to the number of visitors on your websites caused by targeted advertisements.
  • Reviews and consumers rating of the products and services provided by the company
  • Referrals to the company’s name or websites on other website such as news sites or blogs reviews in relation to the company’s products or services.

Tips to improve your digital identity

Your digital identity is the corner stone of your digital marketing strategy. The more attention you pay to your online presence, the more leads you can attract. These four simple steps can help you achieve success in building your digital identity:

  • Consistently update your website content with relevant content that will interests your customers and capture their attention.
  • Be present and active on relevant social media and always interact with your customers, ensuring that you make meaningful and positive interactions.
  • Use a specialized SEO partner to help raising the ranking of the site on search engines to attract more visitors and followers in order to boost your websites ranking.
  • Distinguished online presence is no longer a luxury that you can afford to miss out. It is an absolute necessity for every business. Make sure to develop an outstanding digital identity to out perform competition.

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