Five Golden Rules of Great Online Presence

With the extraordinary surge in demand on online businesses and the increasing pressure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing. Businesses all around the world are increasingly realizing the importance of having powerful online presence. in this article we will discuss 5 rules that you can use to boost your online presence without spends a ton of money on advertisement.

  1. Know Your Customer
    One of the key features of digital marketing over conventional marketing is the ability to directly target the intended customer segment. Lets say you are selling beauty product, then you need to focus on the women in a certain age segment and geographic area. Similarly, if you are selling clothing that suits male teenagers then you need to target this particular segment to avoid spending all your online advertisement money on people who many not be interested to buy your product.
  2. Draw a Clear Strategy
    Make sure your digital marketing strategy is aligned with your corporate strategy. For example, if you products are selling expensive high-end product, then your marketing and branding must reflect certain characteristics that appeal to the customers in that segments, such as elegance, feeling special and distinguished. If your product is a low-cost on the other hand, then your digital marketing strategy should focus on features such as comfort, blending-in and being casual.

Remember that your website is competing with millions of other websites, your strategy must set realistic objectives and should be aiming at achieving gradual results. you should continuously monitor the response trend and make the required adjustments that drives the response trend up.

  1. Send a Clear Message
    People see tens of websites and social media ads every day, their attention spam is becoming narrower. Therefore your website or landing page should have a clear message about who you are, what are you selling and a call for action. Avoid confusing your potential customers with unnecessary content that may confuse them.
  2. Your Website Reflects The Image of Your Business…Don’t Leave it to Amateurs
    Business leaders always understand and appreciate the impact appearance on the business image. Sadly, some business leaders still under appreciate the the impact of poor online presence on their customers or potential leads. Today, the business online presence is much more important than the physical presence because the number of it’s visitors can be multiple times the number of visitor to the premises.

A poorly designed website with inconstant content and missing links can repel leads and customers away from your business. Therefore, you should never leave it to amateurs, beginners, or resort to cheap templates as this can cause a great damage to your business online presence.

  1. Choose a Trusted and Reliable Partner
    Don’t leave the image of your business to trial and error, trials can lead to catastrophic results to your website ranking. The Digital Marketing journey starts by setting a clear strategy crafted based on a deep understanding of your business needs and targeted customer segments. Then comes the conscious development and frequent update of your online content to improve the website ranking and organic search results. The journey does not stop at this point, you need to continuously monitor the performance of your online channels so you can adjust the course and take necessary actions when the number of visitors or generated leads don’t reach the target.

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